Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, Watford strives to provide the best in childcare for the local region. We can shout from the rooftops as much we like, but the recommendations and testimonials that really count are YOURS!

Monkey Puzzle Watford staff has been very friendly and understanding of our needs all along. The close ties our kid has developed with all the nurses there speaks for itself really. We were very pleased to see that Monkey Puzzle don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach with the kids and they really adjust their practices, schedule etc to every kid’s special circumstances. We are so happy we switched to Monkey Puzzle from another provider and would gladly recommend them to parents in the area who are looking for top quality childcare. – Panos

My son has been attending Monkey Puzzle since they first opened. They now have a strong team and my son has really warmed to all the staff – they are very caring and passionate about what they do. The activities he takes part in are very varied. He learns something new every day and comes home tired! We have seen fantastic progress in all aspects educational, developmental and personal. – Hannah B

Our son absolutely loves the staff and nursery. From starting as a one-year-old he has developed so much and I think a huge part of his confidence and curiosity has been encouraged by the nursery. We’ve been extremely impressed with the staff’s professionalism and the range of activities they do. Our son thoroughly enjoys attending and talks about the days’ activities, staff and other children with excitement. The facilities are fantastic (lovely outdoor space), with a small group environment for children not to feel so overwhelmed, but more a home from home. We receive regular updates from his key worker relating to his development and have been fully supported with development goals like toilet training. The nursery have been very flexible in allowing us to bring him in for extra sessions recently to help juggle our working patterns.I would highly recommend this nursery to other parents. – Alex
Both my children have attended Monkey Puzzle Watford since it opened in October 2019. The staff have always been friendly and the children love going, which as a parent is a massive plus! My eldest has some learning delays and the support we have received from the nursery manager and her staff over the last couple of months has been amazing. They are very much working with us to ensure that we can try to access as much external support as we can, as well as internally supporting my child’s development through learning and play. – Rachel

My daughter attends nursery 2 days a week and really enjoys it. We are always greeted with a smile and, on the odd occasion my daughter doesn’t want to go in, they are very good at talking her around. The staff are very nice and friendly and teach very well as we notice weekly changes in our daughter in just a couple of days of nursery. The activities are very good and staff are always keen to make sure the children play outside where possible. The food is good, and always eaten by my daughter. The communication between the staff and parents is good and we kept updated with a dairy and monthly newsletter. – Darren

Monkey Puzzle Watford is the best choice for my son. The development of his speaking shows how much time and attention he gets. He learns new things every week, which makes me absolutely happy. I can follow his day through the daily reports. I know he has lots of fun because he happily goes there. I can not say enough time how glad I am for the staff to take care of my son. I highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Watford for other mums, who are looking for a place which is fun and safe for kids and also have an amazing staff who make attention for details such as personal development of the child and good relationship with parents. – Linda
My daughter really enjoys nursery, her words were ‘nursery is fun’ the other evening and she is always eager to see all her friends. I think the nursery has been doing a magnificent job in the current climate and I am very grateful for their continued support and it is a joy to watch my child flourish under their care. – C M